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Other Services

Family Picture Day
Our Family Picture Day option is ideal for lower and middle schools. It is typically set up on a weekend day at your school in the Fall or Spring, and can be arranged as a fundraiser or simply offered to your school families as a free service. Either way, there is virtually no work required on the part of your school - we handle every aspect of this service from accepting session appointments with each family to handling the entire picture ordering & shipping process. Just as with our Student Portrait service, all family pictures are taken outdoors & require only 15 minutes per group. Your families will greatly appreciate this service!

Sports Pictures
Athletic Departments are always looking for ways to improve the look of their school sports program and our high-quality sports team pictures can certainly help out. They also help promote your school by displaying your school's name & year prominently on our final product.

From a shooting perspective, we also make it very easy on your program by working quickly & efficiently on each season's team picture day, so that minimal team practice time is lost.

Anything Else??
Every school has their unique traditions & events. If you'd like us to come & photograph those events, we're all ears. Just contact us to discuss it.

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