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Our Most Unique Service Is Our Graduation Coverage. We've expanded the traditional coverage of this event by taking a wider variety of photos. Sure, we take the time-honored pictures typically done on Graduation Day (the formal class picture and diploma hand-outs), but we're different because we also work before and after the ceremony to get rare candid pictures of the graduates as well as quick, casual family photos at the reception. These pictures are invaluable to your school and parents alike.

We work quickly, but thoroughly and discretely, to ensure that the quality of the pictures is great, but we do not interfere with or delay the ceremony. Parents won't miss any of the activities because of unsuccessful picture-taking attempts. And like all of our core services, there is no charge to your school.

Benefits for your Graduating Families:
Convenience: No forms, payment or exchange of information is due before or on Graduation Day. Instead, all pictures are posted on a private, password-protected photo gallery on this website. After Graduation, families go online to preview & order any pictures they'd like with no obligation. See a sample Gallery >

Selection: We take a much wider variety of pictures of Graduates, friends & their families, not just the diploma shot! See the difference >

Value: Pictures are purchased on an 'individual print' basis, so parents aren't obligated to buy unnecessarily large picture packages.

Pricing: Our prices for the professional, matte-finish prints we sell are extremely reasonable, especially considering the service & value to your parents.

Options: Orders may be placed securely online with a credit card, or by mail, fax, phone or email.

See the schools who choose us >

Benefits for your School's Development Office:
Ease: No administrative work is required by any school personnel - no order forms or payment to distribute or collect before Graduation. All you have to do is inform your parents that we’ll be there & that’s it!
See how one school promotes it >

Cost: No charge to your school for any of our photography services or related expenses.

Photographers: Our photographers are quick-working, personable and professional. We provide 1 photographer for about every 40 Graduates to avoid delays and accommodate any photo requests we receive before or after the ceremony.

Variety: After Graduation, you can browse through a wide range of professionally taken images. The candids & family photos are especially ideal for use on your school's website or in summer publications. There are also no usage fees associated with using any of our photos.

Service: We handle every aspect of accepting orders from your parents then mailing their finished prints directly home to them - your school is completely uninvolved.

Peace of Mind: This entire service is provided through our own proprietary website, NOT through a third-party digital web service. You and your school families deal with one company all the time. We also have a very strict Privacy Policy.

Want to speak with a nearby school who currently uses our Graduation service?
Please contact us to obtain references.

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